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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Comic-Con 2018: Best Marvel Cosplay From SDCC

It's often hard to believe how big Marvel has become in recent years. This comes thanks in part to Marvel Studios films, which has made its world of comic book superheroes a pop-culture phenomenon by fostering a massive audience. With so many Marvel fans out there, you can be sure that many of them are gathered at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 dressed as their favorite characters.

Within the first couple days of SDCC 2018, we've already seen a ton of amazing Marvel cosplay. Attendees from all walks of life come to the public event dressed as some of the company's most iconic characters. There was a wide variety of cosplay this year with people coming dressed as versions of characters from both the films and comics.

You'll find cosplay of Marvel's most popular heroes, like Wolverine and Deadpool, as well as the more obscure characters, like Kaecillius. There's a lot to see, so be sure to check out all of the photos ahead and tells us which you like the best. You can also check out all the best cosplay from day one and day two of SDCC 2018.

While Marvel was expected to not have a big presence at SDCC 2018, the show has technically yielded some news. One of the biggest Marvel stories is Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn being fired by Disney after a series of controversial tweets from his past were resurfaced. In a statement concerning the termination, Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn said, "The offensive attitudes and statements discovered on James' Twitter feed are indefensible and inconsistent with our studio's values, and we have severed our business relationship with him." Gunn was expected to appear at a Sony panel this year, but he ultimate was not present.

In other Marvel-related news, Stan Lee recently made an unexpected cameo in a non-Marvel property; it should come as a surprise for long-time fans. And on the SDCC 2018 show floor, we spotted a massive statue of Thanos made entirely of Lego blocks.

SDCC 2018 has yielded a plethora of exciting announcements around the latest seasons of big TV shows, like The Walking Dead, Star Trek Discovery, and Better Call Saul, as well as debut trailers for new shows, like DC's Titans and the TV adaptation of George RR Martin's sci-fi story, Nightflyers. For more on our SDCC 2018 coverage, check the links below, and keep coming back to GameSpot throughout the next few days for even more.

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Coverage




Cosplay by @opalescentteacup


Cosplay by @rendingroz


Cosplay by @atom_murray


Cosplay by @captcash


Cosplay @miss_laneous

Marvel Group


Black Panther

Cosplay by @alexisvictorious

Captain Marvel

Cosplay by @cassidy_kahler

Jean Grey & Wolverine

Cosplay by @meshellwaffleo & @jt_otero


Quicksilver & Magneto

Doctor Doom

Cosplay by @cabinsintheair


Iron Man


Cosplay by @bamsbocce

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Iron Spider



Weapon X


Cosplay by Roan



Cosplay by @Peachycake

Doctor Strange

Black Panther Group

Cosplay by @rex_armstrong_props & @usualrangers5

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