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Thursday, 12 July 2018

The Best Xbox One Console Exclusive Games

The Xbox One launched in November 2013 and Microsoft has managed to secure a fair amount of quality exclusives for the console. With games like Halo 5: Guardians, Cuphead, and Forza Motorsport 7, the console offers a wide variety of fantastic experiences you can only get on Xbox, as well as PC thanks to Microsoft's Play Anywhere program. And thanks to the Xbox One X, the Xbox One family features the most powerful console on the market.

Microsoft has been criticized often for its lack of exclusives, which Xbox boss Phil Spencer has acknowledged in the past, saying "We need to grow, and I look forward to doing that. Our ability to go create content has to be one of our strengths. We haven't always invested at the same level. We've gone through ups and downs in the investment."

He commented further: "That meant we had to stop doing some other things in order to create room for that. And that's just kind of the nature of running a business," Spencer said. "One of the things that I wanted to do when I came into this job ... one of the things was our first-party and how I thought about needing to--this is an unfair word, but I'll say 'rework' our first-party. Regretfully, that meant certain things that we were doing, I thought we needed to do something different. It meant getting back to what I think is a core and building from that." However, Microsoft recently took action at E3 2018, announcing it has acquired or established five new studios to work under the Microsoft Studios umbrella.

While Microsoft might be looking to improve its first-party output, Xbox One does have a lot of quality games you won't find on any other console. Click ahead to view GameSpot's highest-rated Xbox One exclusives since the console's launch. The titles listed here are in alphabetical order and in no way reflects our own personal editor rankings of each game. The list only includes games we've awarded an 8/10 or higher. In addition, we've limited the feature based on console exclusivity, so you'll see a few games in this gallery that are also available on PC; remasters are all fair game too.

While the Xbox One is home to a variety of awesome exclusive games, you can also play a wealth of past-generation exclusives thanks to the console's backwards compatibility feature. A few notable standouts are Crackdown, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. But if you're curious what other Xbox and Xbox 360 exclusive games you can play on Xbox One, be sure to check out our feature detailing the 36 best backwards compatible games.

What are some of your favorite Xbox One exclusives? Doesn't matter if they're critically acclaimed or super underrated. Let us know about them in the comments below. Be sure to check out our lists of the best Nintendo Switch console exclusives and PS4 console exclusives as well.


We gave the game an 8/10.

In our #IDARB review, Tyler Hicks wrote, "For me, the game's thrilling competition is more than enough to earn the stamp of approval. #IDARB doesn't look like much, but it brings a feast to the table. It stands as proof that all it takes to make a fantastic game, even with today's available technology, is a solid set of core gameplay mechanics with inherent depth."


We gave the game an 8/10.

In our Cuphead review, Peter Brown wrote, "Cuphead has been a longtime coming, and it's great to see that it lives up to its initial promises. It's beautiful to look at, and with a pitch-perfect soundtrack, it flawlessly captures the era its developers so clearly revere. It's also an intense action game that pulls no punches. It could benefit from a few tweaks, and two-player co-op doesn't feel like the valuable addition you might imagine, but Cuphead remains a rare, unique game that truly stands out."

Dance Central Spotlight

We gave the game an 8/10.

In our Dance Central Spotlight review, Shaun McInnis wrote, "Indeed, Dance Central Spotlight feels like an admission that sometimes you just can't be all things to all people. Rather than beef up the feature list, Harmonix has taken the opposite approach: it's slimmed down the game, offered way more value, and removed the obstacles between you and just getting out there and dancing. It's a different take on Dance Central, but the party is just as fun as ever."

Fantasia: Music Evolved

We gave the game an 8/10.

In our Fantasia: Music Evolved review, Kevin VanOrd wrote, "I wish for more from Fantasia: Music Evolved, but that's because it is already such a delight to watch, to hear, and to perform. The game is more pop than Pachelbel; I have visions of entire Mahler symphonies released as future downloadable content, even though I know that Avicii and Lady Gaga are DLC priorities. Until that dream comes true, I am more than content with Fantasia, which makes me feel like a graceful performance artist, a skillful sorcerer, and a master musician all at once."

Forza Horizon 2

We gave the game an 8/10.

In our Forza Horizon 2 review, Kevin VanOrd wrote, "Forza Horizon 2 is hardly lacking in stuff to do, though the best events extol the driver/car relationship, either by demanding precise control, or by reminding you, once again, of its virtual mantra: "Cars are awesome and you're awesome!" Forget the forgettable jams emanating from the various rock and electronica radio stations you can tune to; that’s music for Gary, but not for me. No, Horizon 2 is about careening into the sunset while Beethoven symphonies blast from your speakers, as if you might leap off the edge of the Earth and straight into the arms of God."

Forza Horizon 3

We gave the game a 9/10.

In our Forza Horizon 3 review, Miguel Concepcion wrote, "With Forza Horizon 3, Turn 10 and Playground Games affirm the series’ status as the driving game for everyone. The new emphasis on off-road options isn’t at the expense of traditional races, thanks to the sheer volume of activities. All the while, Playground Games’ calculated kitchen-sink design philosophy and rich reward system persistently tempt you to explore beyond your comfort zone, whether it’s gifting your first Ariel Nomad buggy or reminding you that stunt races can impress thousands of fans. Enhancing your own brand might feel like a strange motivation to hit the road, but pulling off sick e-drifts on a mile-long series of curves makes the PR work worthwhile."

Forza Motorsport 6

We gave the game an 8/10.

In our Forza Motorsport 6 review, Miguel Concepcion wrote, "As merely the second installment for the Xbox One, Forza Motorsport 6 not only keeps up with the high bar set by Forza 5, it capitalizes on that foundation of quality. The Mod system and the weather effects are reasons enough for Forza 5 enthusiasts to seriously consider this sequel and the abundance of difficulty and assist options makes Forza 6 an immensely accessible driving simulation for newcomers."

Forza Motorsport 7

We gave the game a 9/10.

In our Forza Motorsport 7 review, Miguel Concepcion wrote, "By the time I had logged a couple dozen hours in Forza 7, the confluence of environmental and driving realism unexpectedly inspired me to recreate real-life racing events like the famous 1996 Zanardi pass at Laguna Seca. These are the kinds of experiments that Forza 7 inspires, thanks in part to the game's variety and flexibility. Even with an imperfect roster and a selection of modes that doesn't compare to the comprehensiveness of Forza 6 at launch, Forza Motorsport 7 is still a feature-rich and competition-diverse bundle of racing events that keep you coming back for more. The ability to control the weather to create rich, painterly cloudy backdrops goes a long way in making up for the lack of zombie modes and the Toyota MR2."

Halo 5: Guardians

We gave the game an 8/10.

In our Halo 5: Guardians review, Mike Mahardy wrote, "In some ways, Halo 5 is the boldest Halo yet. The franchise's multiplayer is at its peak, with a mode I'm sure I'll return to several times over. But then there's the campaign, which introduces fluid new movement and open level design, yet can't tell a coherent story to match. There are signs of a phenomenal shooter here, but certain narrative aspects feel underdeveloped, holding the franchise's newest sequel back from true excellence. Like Spartan Locke and his team, 343 is chasing after something bigger than itself, and with Halo 5: Guardians, it comes close. Now if only it could reach out its arm and take hold."

Sunset Overdrive

We gave the game an 8/10.

In our Sunset Overdrive review, Peter Brown wrote, "Insomniac Games has crafted an excellent game in Sunset Overdrive. It's not without a few niggling issues, but you'll be too busy enjoying yourself to care. You can compare it to games like Crackdown, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and Ratchet and Clank, but by combining the best elements of those games into a single package and injecting it with an anything goes, rock and roll attitude, you'll never think of it as anything but a singular achievement that stands tall on its own merits. It's one of the best games on the Xbox One, and a refreshing shot of merriment."

Ori and the Blind Forest

We gave the game a 9/10.

In our Ori and the Blind Forest review, Kevin VanOrd wrote, "It's important, however, not to mistake Ori and the Blind Forest for being simply beautiful. It certainly is--but it is also unceasingly clever. It consistently surprises you with new tricks: gravitational divergences, new ways to move through its spaces, and carefully designed levels that require you to think quickly and respond. It is not as snappy as, say, a typical Mario platformer, seeking instead a broader gameplay arc stretching across a single, interconnected world. It's a superb and thematically consistent approach that allows Ori and the Blind Forest to build joy on a bed of heartache, adding a new layer of mechanical complexity with each ray of hope."

Rare Replay

We gave the game an 8/10.

In our Rare Replay review, Peter Brown wrote, "Much of Rare Replay is old material, but that's OK when so many of Rare's games easily stand the test of time. Getting the chance to play its classics in an easily accessible package is worth celebrating, whether you've played them before or always wished you could. And you should, if you haven't had the chance. Rare's games have a way of speaking to you with respect. They embrace video game conventions and rarely take themselves too seriously. Expressive characters warm your heart and catchy and complex soundtracks stick with you long after you turn off your console. Rare Replay is a great way to experience some of the best games from the studio's past, and the new videos that document Rare's storied history are the icing on the cake; it's just a shame that you can't access them from the start."

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