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Sunday, 2 September 2018

Kin: If you can’t pick your family, hopefully you can find space weapons

Ars talks with Kin's filmmaking team: co-directors Josh and Jonathan Baker and screenwriter Daniel Casey. (Transcript available here.) (video link)

"Sixty grand and a space gun—who the hell are you people?"

Out of context, that mid-film Zoë Kravitz quote sounds ridiculous. But Kin, a new sci-fi adventure meets broken-family societal drama from a pair of first-time filmmakers, proves to be far more grounded in heady real-world issues than you'd expect any "kid finds alien" adventure to be. Trying to combine peanut-butter-and-kimchi this way (filmmaking-ly speaking) presents a lot of obvious challenges, from tone to maintaining a logical narrative. But filmmakers Josh and Jonathan Baker have somehow made a movie that combines all of it in a manner that never feels forced.

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