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Friday, 14 September 2018

Polar’s new Vantage V and M smartwatches are its most attractive yet


Polar's focus has always been on the elite athlete, and its newest family of devices doesn't change that, even though they may not look the part. Polar announced the new Vantage series of wearables today, which includes the $499 Vantage V and $279 Vantage M fitness watches. Borrowing many design aspects from Garmin, the Vantage devices look and feel way more wearable than any previous Polar devices, but they don't sacrifice fitness chops in the process.

The past few Polar devices we've tested looked like bulky wrist cuffs, but that design is gone. The Vantage fitness watches look a lot like Garmin's Vivoactive 3, featuring circular cases, three side buttons, and 1.2-inch (30mm) round displays. The Vantage M is the more lifestyle-focused product of the two, so it has interchangeable bands that users can swap out depending on the occasion. It also lacks a touchscreen, whereas the Vantage V has a touch display (in addition to those three side buttons) and stationary bands.

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from Ars Technica

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